One of the most expensive instruments out there is the piano.  A basic piano in the market today would cost you an easy $2,000 while there are those high ends that can cost as high as $8,000. That is why when moving these heavy, expensive piece of equipment, you will be needing the help of a professional mover. Just like any other kind if expensive furniture a piano is considered it be a work of art and should be handled with utmost care. There is a number of professional movers out there that are more than willing to take on the job. 

You just know that moving a piano without the right knowledge and skills may cause damage to it. And a piano repair can not only cost you money but also time. Once your piano is damaged, it might be needing a tuning and finishing if the damaged part. It is the professional piano movers that have the right set of equipment in order to get the job done. Some may cost a bit more but the money that you will put out will be worth it once you will get your piano in one good piece. 

If you have a grand piano, they cannot be moved in a single piece that is why most piano movers will take them out piece by piece. Once the parts are separated, they will then be covered with special blankets in order to protect them. They will then be putting these parts on a board and secure it with straps. In order to prevent the keys from falling, there will be a wooden rail that will be placed on top of it. The moment that all of the parts will be ready for the move, they will then be placed in a dolly and of the place that you will be moving the piano has steps, they will then be using an equipment called as a skid so that they will be able to move it up with ease. 

 A piano that is small may weigh up to 150 kilos and this weight will not be that easy to move around. Not only the weight will be the issue but they also come in irregular shapes so careful handling is needed. In moving pianos, the piano storage East Sacramento must make sure that there will be no damages on its exterior finish. That is why an average of three men is needed to move a small piano. 


By now, you have already know how tasking it is to move piano. Without the right set if skills and knowledge, moving this piece of equipment can cause not only damage to the piano but also injuries to the ones that are moving them, so if you are facing this kind of a task, never hesitate to call on a professional piano mover for help.